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3rd Year Waves & Knots

Stellenbosch University Visual Arts Dept.

This course looked to the 2015 Istanbul Biennale as a starting point for a two-week focused studio practice.


Building off of each students existing skill set and body of work, students worked independently to create a multi media and interdisciplinary piece that stemmed from the notion of “waves and knots”.


In the first week each student created a series of 6 “sketches”(drawings/short videos/photos/prints or sculptures)  that contemplated the notion of  “matter  “  ,   storytelling and geography.


In the second week each student expanded on one or two of these sketches to create a final installation piece for critique.


Readings: Groys “Time Waves” and Griselda Pollock “The Cure for Anything is Salt water – Sweat, Tears or the Sea ”

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