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1st Year Fine Art Studio

Stellenbosch University, Visual Arts Dept.

This 3D project began with an outline on various practitioners and artists who have worked with the classification and categorization of certain objects. Fred Wilson (Mining The Museum), Greer Valley (The Chair), Mark Dion (Thames project) Liesbet Bussche (Jewels in the City) Julia deVille (Degustation) Damien Hirst ( Treasures from the Wreck of the Unbelievable) and Nathaniel Stern, were some artists that we looked at.


Each student will began the course in week one by retrieving, finding and searching for various objects both organic and inorganic. Having selected a series of forms, a series of drawings, writings, labelling and photographic exercises guided each student through understanding the history, context, placement and displacement of the forms.


Once a series of studies had been completed, each student selected one object. This form was then  translated through a series of analogue and digital processes to allow for each student to explore not only the specifics of each process but also the mutually informative and potentially hybrid nature of each technique. (these processes included tin casting, silver casting, animation and digital scanning)


In the final week of the course, each student presented their work at GUS gallery. Based on each student's original object- the castings (silver and tin) along with digital prints and combined to create new contexts for each object and articulate a collective exhibition of imagined and real histories around the forms.

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